nihiliā„¢ is a creative studio established by Adam Zielonko, graphic designer
& art director focused on branding and new media design.

  Scope of work  

  • Corporate Identity
  • UI/UX Design
    Web Design
  • App Design


Our approach is defined by simplicity, but simple doesn`t mean easy. We have cooperated with numerous agencies and individual clients. Through years of gaining experience in various design fields we developed in ourselves strive for perfection.

Our mission is to provide the highest standards of design, making a compromise between client needs, primary objectives of design and overall aesthetics. During the whole project, from the initial concept to the final vision our priority is to achieve client`s goals through professional & high-quality performance, supplemented with a clear, vibrant and catchy message.

Logo design, web design and illustration are all aspects of the same art: image making. Cohesively bringing these disciplines together has the potential to create work of great energy. Our work emerges from the confluence and cross-pollination of these disciplines, so if you`re interested we are waiting for your brief.